TUB Policy

Please take the time to read all of the disclaimers at A Blogger’s Disclaimer

In terms of Comments

If you are attempting to comment on any of the articles in The Undeniable Beauty (TUB), please do so at THAT article and not in THIS page. This page is reserved for questioning my blog policy.

If you are trying to post your comments on an article where Comments have been closed, please do not spam me by asking WHY “I can’t post in that post, leh…” it just means that the discussion is OVER and comments are NO longer NEEDED or WANTED there.

When using a name to comment in any article, it is always nice that you could use your real first and last name. This is not advisable however. If you find using your real name is dangerous, please feel free to use any other nickname or initials or whatever else name you can think of, but PLEASE do keep in mind that I would HIGHLY appreciate it if you did not use OFFENSIVE names. In other words, a clean name gets you more respect.

Use a REAL and EXISTING email address to make your identity more than credible.

When posting a comment, please think about what you would like to say before typing it out. You are not able to delete posted comments after the rush of regret flows from your finger tips to your brain.

Comments from new visitors are moderated in order to protect against Blog Spamming and purposeful nastiness. Not every comment submitted is published. This is to prevent blog spammers as well as unruly insults received.

Comments will remain published and will be taken down if seen as unfit or to conform to the policy. Any one liner such as “Hi!” or “Nice blog.” will be deleted without notification or comments.

No personal attacks on the author and or the commentators will be tolerated on a private level. (meaning personal attacks through emails, websites and so on.) But on a public discussion regarding that article, “All is fair in love and war” πŸ˜›

In terms of Articles

All articles are original. Non has been copied off from someone’s notebook or blogs. However, some of the articles have been TAKEN or PLUCKED from other places and a link will be given to give the owner credits.

Blog Articles are not like your daily newspaper. Bloggers are most oftentimes not paid (due to the fact that most of them do not own a credit card. D:) to write any articles and are more like a freelance writer therefore, the frequency of posting articles into the blog is low. Newspaper writers on the other hand, are paid to write daily and that is enough encouragement for them to continue writing every day.

Authenticity (the real deal) of the contents of the articles is at the rate of 95% where the other 5% comes from high imagination and outright speculations on my part.

Articles may or may not be publicized. It can be a Public article which can be viewed by all, or a Private article which CAN’T be viewed by all or a Locked article which can only be viewed by those with a passkey.

In terms of Communication

The author (Me), has no qualms about you (the readers) knowing her email address. Therefore, it shall be stated here, in this policy page, her email address if you have any inquiries or any other stuff you (the readers) would like to talk about.


It is advisable that you do not spam-mail her for the slightest of things as well as insult her and or demean her in any way through this form of communication. If you think her articles had demean or insulted you in any way, please do comment so in your comments and or email, the reason and why you thought you were insulted in any way.

You should also find the time to read all the disclaimers here too!!


1 Comment

  1. wan yean said,

    March 17, 2007 at 11:10 pm

    you made me think twice, no, thrice before i dare write a thing here πŸ˜€

    Lol my policy is simple. I don’t make unreasonable demands of my readers. In fact, I love reading what my readers think of the way I see life. And welcome to “The Undeniable Beauty” πŸ™‚

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